GPS Receiver, USB connector,HI-206-USB


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Product Description

Laptop USB GPS Receiver

USB SIRF STAR IV Chipset, 20 channel. 

Magnetic Base

Fast Acquisition Enhanced Sensitivity 20 Channels “All-In-View” Tracking GPS Sensor Module. The receiver continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate satellite positioning data. The HI-204III is optimized for applications requiring good performance, low cost, and maximum flexibility; suitable for a wide range of OEM configurations including handhelds, sensors, asset tracking, PDA-centric personal navigation system, and vehicle navigation products.

It’s 20 parallel channels and 4000 search bins provide fast satellite signal acquisition and short startup time. Tracking sensitivity of -159dBm offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons having limited sky view. Satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy.

Both the LVTTL-level and RS232-level serial interface are

provided on the interface connector. Supply voltage of 3.3V, or 3.8V~12V are supported.

NMEA 0183 V3.1, the latest available.

Also works with any digital NMEA 0183, 4800 Baud rate map,

AUTO ROUTE 2002/3/4/5/6/7/10/11/13




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Works with all WINDOWS, 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/Macintosh/Linux.

 Premium quality complete with 2 year warranty.

This is the ULTIMATE GPS receiver, super fast satellite fix, (TTFF) the fastest available.

SIRF are now owned by MICROSOFT so you are guaranteed the latest technology available

Works with any  Laptop via USB port.

Technical Specifications: Electrical Characteristics

Items Description
Chipset GSP3F SiRF Star IV technology
General Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 20
Accuracy Position 10 meters, 2D RMS
5 meters 2D RMS, WAAS corrected
<5meters(50%), DGPS corrected
Velocity 0.1 meters/second
Time 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time
Datum Default WGS-84
Other selectable for other Datum
Rate (Open Sky
& Stationary
Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
Snap start 1 sec., average
Hot start 8 sec., average
Warm start 38 sec., average
Cold start 42 sec., average
Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max.
Acceleration 4g, max.
Jerk 20 meters/second3, max.
Power Main power input 5V DC input.
Power consumption 0.38 W (continuous mode)
Supply Current 75mA
Backup power 3 V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Dimension 43mm L x 42mm W x 13mm H
Weight 23g


LED flashing 0.25Hz Signal Searching
LED flashing 1Hz Position Fixed