Replacement Marine GPS Active Antenna SMA male connector with 10 metre cable. Cheaper than ebay



Product Description

Marine GPS Active Antenna

Waterproof, Marine GPS ANTENNA with SMA connector + Flat Mount base

10 metre cable

2 Year warranty

For use with any make of Chartplotter and AIS that has the SMA type of connector

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Compatible with Navman Trackfish 5100, 5100i, 5110, 5110i, 5380, 5380i, and any other with the SMA socket.


 Antenna Specifications:

Size: 96 x 126mm

DC Voltage: 3-5V

Gain: 32dBi

Noise : 2.0 (Max)

DC Current: 9.0mA (Typical)

Cable: 10m x RG 58 (with UV protection)

Water Proof: IP66

RF connector: BNC plus separate BNC to TNC adapter

Working Temp: 45 C~+85 C

Colour: White

Compatibility: All Marine GPS models with BNC or TNC connector.

Standard installation thread 14 x 1”

Frequency Range: 1575.42MHz±3.0MHz

V.S.W.R: 1.5 : 1

Band Width: > 10 MHz

Impendence: 50 ohm

Frequency Range: 1575.42MHz±3.0MHz

DC Voltage: 3.0-5.0 V

DC current(Typical): 9.0 mA

Gain(Typical): 32±3dB

Out-band Rejection: ≥25dB(fo+100MHZ

(Absolute value): ≥40dB(fo-100MHZ)

Noise Figure(Max): 2.0

RF Cable:10m x RG 58 White Coror (for UV protection)

RF Connector: BNC to TNC Adapter

Package Includes:

1 x GPS Marine Active Antenna ( BNC connector ) with 10m cable

1 x BNC to SMA adapter